Cleaning is the act of visiting other people's cities and cleaning their buildings.

When you visit a city, you can clean their buildings. If it's your neighbor, you can clean 10 buildings. If it isn't, you can clean 5 buildings.

Communication Edit

Often, people leave messages to each other to tell them they've cleaned their city and would expect to have their own city cleaned back. Many players also leave their Storm8 ID for neighbor invitations.

The following table lists common abbreviations used in messages:

Abbreviation Meaning Used when...
Cyc "Cleaned your city" You initially clean someone's city.
Cycb "Cleaned your city back" You're returning someone's cleans.
Ty, cycb "Thank you; cleaned your city back"
Cyc hagd "Cleaned your city, have a good day"
"Full" All of a person's buildings have already been cleaned by other people.
F, lmkwc "Full; let me know when cleared/collected" You want that person to tell you when their buildings have been collected.


When somebody cleans your city, you can collect from the building that has been cleaned. Each cleaned building gives you 100 coins and 1 XP.