Simple House

Simple House

This House is the 3rd Cheapest looking house.Keep this out of yoru city because it looks cheap.If you include this in your city,don't put too much.Kay.:P.

This House is The Most common house in cities.Though,It Costs 2,000 Coins and gives you 5 XP.It adds 80 Population.It's colors have a purple roof,Brown door,and regular windows,This also has light wall color.

  • 1 Square
  • Most Common House
  • 2,000 Coins
  • 5 XP
  • 80 Population
  • Cheap Looking
  • Purple roof,brown door,regular windows.
  • Starter House


1.You must buy this house before buying any other thing.

2.Why is this not a beginner house? Because it is a starter house.